The Highly Recommended

nona slice house the highly recommended

This week on The Highly Recommended we arrived in Safety Harbor, FL. While strolling on Main Street one of the first things you’ll encounter is a place called Nona Slice House

Now unlike many places that call themselves “quality”, “mouthwatering”, and “to die for”, this pizza place holds its own. Not only does it have a vibe like an old-school barn-style pizzeria that compliments the beginning of the town but the food is “mouthwatering” and worth stopping by to try. 

Good luck finding parking. Finding parking is the hard part because of how popular the place is, the small parking lot is ALWAYS FULL! Recommend parking on Main Street.

In this review, we were accompanied by Chaz, the owner of Get Cherried, a lifestyle brand sparked by chasing passions. We both love and know quality Pizza and with the success of his recent Get Cherried event we had to catch up, so why not take the opportunity?

We had Garlic Knots, Burrata, and large stuffed peppadews for appetizers. I’m not a fan of peppers but since they were ordered I ate my first stuffed Peppadew and it was to die for… This food was phenomenal, the garlic knots were buttery and had the right amount of garlic, they weren’t dried out nor was the Burrata watery, everything was made to perfection. You would not expect this quality coming to a pizza place but this is no ordinary pizza spot. The Peppadew was stuffed with delicious creamy ricotta topped with real pieces of bacon (not that bacon bit shit), and the handmade burrata broke open perfectly.

Then came the out works of art in the forms of Detroit and regular pan-style pizzas. Chaz dove into all of it as if he hadn’t eaten in ages but of course, there was no changing his mind he already decided the place was “Highly Recommended” the second he ate one of the peppadew peppers. The Detroit style had the crunchiest of crunches when you bit into the crust it crumbled into a pillow-soft dough with cheese that was so stringy and melted that it reminded you of an Extremely Goofy Movie. 

There is no disputing the reputation Nona Slice House has created for itself because the pizza truly felt like it was made with love. That is why Nona Slice House gets a Highly Recommended 5 out of 5.