The Highly Recommended

Oak & Stone The Highly Recommended

This week The Highly Recommended decided to have some Pizza! Have you ever ate a Buffalo Chicken Goat Cheese Pizza? Or have you tried 48 different Florida local beers on tap? If your answer is “No” to either of those questions then maybe you should check out Oak and Stone in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. 

Have one of their specialty pizzas and try one of the 48 local beers. I personally like the @sweetwaterbrew 420 IPA. The pizza was delicious when paired with one of the beers they have on tap and there were many to choose from, on their “Wall of Beer”. 

However, to be honest, the pizza was dry, bland, and a little rough but the sauce was the touch. Even though the dough was not perfect, the sauce, buffalo chicken, and goat cheese instead of blue cheese was a solid combination.  

The view downtown of people walking all around and the sound of the city as if it was living, enthralled us as we ate our food. 

Besides the “Wall of Beer” and a specialty Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Goat cheese, there was nothing special about the restaurant to say it’s “Highly Recommended”.

With that being said Oak and Stone receives a Highly Recommended 3 out of 5.